Rice is one of the most consumed crops in the world.

Staple food for 3.5 billion people.

Rice cultivation is the livelihood of 20% of the world’s population.

200M small producers.

But rice also has a huge impact on our planet.

Rice is responsible for 5 to 10% of methane emissions.

World rice production uses about 40% irrigated water.

Rice consumption continues continues to rise 650 million tonnes by 2050.

A major step in Mars Food’s sustainable approach.

100% of Basmati rice comes from farmers working towards the SRP standard
(sustainable rice platform).

Together with rice farmers, we have been able to save 2 cups of water for every person on
the planet per year.

UNCLE BEN’S® brand commits to extending this sustainable approach to our rice
supply by 2020.

A significant impact for rice farmers and for the planet.

+30% increase in household income for Basmati rice farmers in Pakistan.

-40% reduction in CO2 emissions from farmers in Italy and Spain, by 2024.

-30% reduction in water used for irrigation
by Basmati farmers in Pakistan.

The story of the Basmati rice sustainable approach.

Extension to 2,500 rice producers in
India, Mars joins the Sustainable Rice Platform.

2013 • Opening of the Rice Center in Pakistan in partnership with the IRRI : Training center
for rice producers.

2011 • Pilot project with 27 Pakistan partner farmers.

SRP is a multi-stakeholder public/private platform including NGO’s co-organized in 2011 by UN Environment (UNE) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), which aims to increase producer yields and incomes by improving agricultural techniques while limiting the use of water and plant protection products. Find out more at **We have formed partnership with local and international to work towards growing rice sustainably – this includes improving rice growing practices, encouraging water stewardship and empowering farmers. Discover more about sustainability initiatives in the downloadable document.

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